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Laura Vanderkam Interview | Surprising Info About Your Time, Money and Productivity



I recently attended a fantastic women’s conference, Inventing Your Future, where I was so glad that I chose to go to Laura Vanderkam’s session called “What The Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending,”  and she has written a bookwith the same name. I had so many A-HA! lightbulb moments that I knew I had to interview her for Prime Parents Club. Lucky for us, she graciously agreed. Here’s my interview with Laura Vanderkam where she gives some surprising input on how what we’re doing wrong with our time, money and productivity.

If you’re in a rut, or feel lost and overwhelmed with time and money issues, or if you want to be more productive, this is a must watch interview. Wait until you hear what Laura has to say about couponing, grocery shopping, your schedule and more!

Surprising Info About Your Time, Money and Productivity


Be sure to pick up Laura’s books. I promise you this will be a productive use of your time and money!

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