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Will Men Ever Grow Up?


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At their farthest point from each other, Mars and Venus are 208,783,000 miles apart.

This explains so much about men and women, don’t you think?

I recently experienced something that reminded me, yet again, why men always have that goofy look on their faces and women are just left rolling their eyes. I was at gymnastics with my four year old daughter in a community center with multiple gymnasiums separated by curtain-like walls when multiple classes are happening. This means that there were little kids doing gymnastics in the center part of the gym, and basketball going on in the gyms on either side.

Near the end of the class, one coach did some exercises on one side of the gym with the kids while the other coach stacked some of the mats. As soon as she pushed the mats off, a 40-something man came out of the doorway and started shooting baskets. The coach nicely said, “Hey guys, we have the gym until 11:30.”

The man (remember, 40-something) stopped dribbling and said in an indignant teen way, “OH! I’ll just stand right here and watch then…”

I looked at the other moms and we rolled our eyes.

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Then, this guy proceeded to stand as close to the marked off lines as he could and shoot baskets to the goal off to the side … with three to six-year-old kids performing gymnastic maneuvers a few feet away. This is behavior I would expect from 16-year-old boys trying to be cool, not a 40-year-old man who should know better. It was this that prompted me to look at the other moms and say, “They never grow up. EVER.”

We all nodded and gave the guy evil eyes. All I could think was, “DUDE, do you really want to take on a bunch of angry moms?”

This? Is what makes us roll our eyes at you, guys.


Image: Imagery Majestic


Institute of Astronomy, National University of Mexico

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  1. Anja

    July 19, 2012 at 3:15 am

    That is so typical! How hard is it to wait??

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