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3 Simple Ways to Successfully Transition from Summer to School



PrimeParentsClubTransition from Summer to School

The summer is winding down and the school year will soon be upon us. One of the hardest thing to do with the kids is to transition from that summer fun mentality to a school schedule. So, how do you get everyone ready and in the right mindset without losing your mind?


3 Simple Ways to Successfully Transition from Summer Fun to School Schedules

1. Ease Into Expectations Early

Two to three weeks before school starts, start talking to the kids about the upcoming school schedule and what will be expected of them–homework, bedtime and breakfast routines. Setting expectations is a big part of being successful with kids.

2. Uncover Anxieties

Take a summer walk on the beach or go to the park and spend some time with the kid alone. Talk to him or her about their feelings of school this year. You may be able to discover and alleviate the things that your child is struggling with in relation to beginning school, making them much more successful than if they approach the year with fear.

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3. Get On Schedule Now

You can’t wait until the weekend before to put your kids on the school schedule and expect things to go smoothly. Now is the time to transition into the schedule your kids will be on for the school year–have them take baths and do their nighttime routines, including bedtime, just like school has started. Get them up at the same time they’ll get up for school and go through the motions of the school breakfast routine. You’ll thank us once the year begins.

How do you get your kids ready for the school year schedule?



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