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Preschool Pirate Party Food


Each year we let our daughter pick the theme of her birthday party and the kind of cake she wants–and then my husband and I make ourselves crazy making her cake each year. Her second birthday was a lady bug. Birthday number three was the request for a triceratops cake–purple. And then came this year, number four, where she requested a pirate princess party with a (wait for it) Hello Kitty Pirate Princess cake.

Preschool Pirate Princess Party

Since it was a preschool party, we didn’t want to have “scary” pirate things and weird food (hello preschoolers!) so we made some adaptations to make things preschool friendly.

Preschool Pirate Party Food

Pirate party food: pirate pinwheels and two different pirate ponds.1. Pirate Pinwheels

The Pirate Pinwheels are really fiesta rollups. It’s a super simple recipe that everyone seems to love. It’s also a vegetarian option for those guests who prefer that.

2. Pirate Fishing Pond

The Pirate Fishing Pond is ranch dip (sour cream and dried ranch mix) with blue food coloring to make it look like water. You add sides of Goldfish crackers and celery sticks and then the kids can “fish” (the celery as fishing poles and the Goldfish crackers will stick to them with the ranch dressing dip).

Note: I thought this would be a big hit, but many of the kids were wary of the blue color of the ranch dip, so take that into consideration if you’re doing this for young kids.

3. Pirate Pond

The Pirate Pond is blue Jello. After the Jello set in the refrigerator, I pushed Swedish fish, gummy worms and sour octopus into and on top of the Jello so it looked like they were swimming in the water. This was a huge hit with the kids.

Pirate Party Food: Hello Kitty pirate cake, pirate cannonballs, treasure salad.

 4. Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake

My husband and I made the Hello Kitty Pirate Princess cake ourselves. It wasn’t as hard as we thought (we made a template out of paper and worked from there), but it was our first time working with fondant, so there was a learning curve.

5. Pirate Cannonballs

Hands down, these were the star of the party. The Pirate Cannonballs were chewy brownies, shaped into balls and dipped in chocolate–super simple and super yummy.

6. Pirate Treasure Salad

The kids loved the Pirate Treasure Salad, also. It was simply melon (balled) and other favorite cut up fruit–we used strawberries, canned mandarin oranges and canned fruit salad (with the juice). I added star-shaped colored marshmallows and called it a Pirate Treasure.

We also made long sandwiches and put “masts” on them to look like ships, a kid punch and called it “pirate punch” and I made chicken strips and called them “Walk the (Chicken) Planks.” What you provide at your party is only limited by your imagination!

Check out these ideas for the rest of your pirate party!

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