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Back-to-School DIY Clothing Labels



Ah! The back to school rush. Dollars hemorrhage from our wallets faster than they fly in. I want the clothes and shoes and backpacks and books and pencils and calculators to last as long as possible. Since I can’t prevent their growth, I’ll do my best to keep a handle on everyone’s things.

Therefore, everything, and I mean everything, gets a label. I print out stickers for their books, color coded, of course. I stick them on their pencils, yes really. Markers, calculators, shoes, P.E. clothes, notebooks–anything that will take a sticker. This helps me manage which books belong with which kid, too. (So I know which one keeps leaving her science book at home and who hasn’t been tidying up his space. Moms are so wicked. You can do this, too. Easily.)

But stickers don’t work on clothes. While there are some awfully cute options available for purchase, I kind of like keeping money in my wallet and I do enjoy finding easy ways to do things. You can create and apply your own labels with your children for a fraction of the cost.

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DIY Clothing Labels

DIY Clothing Labels

You will need:

  • twill tape in half-inch or inch width
  • heat ‘n bond light in a width that matches your twill tape
  • a letter stamper
  • indelible stamp pad, like stayz on or versamark
  • a hot iron
  • a stack of clothes
  • scissors

Figure how long your label will be by stamping out the word, letters or phrase you want. Apply heat’n bond to the back of the twill tape, pressing the sticky side into place. You’ll notice the heat’n bond has another layer of paper on top. Leave this in place for now.

Cut the twill tape into the right lengths and stamp onto the right side. This does not need to be precise, but it does need to be visible. Get the kids involved because children can help with all of these tasks.

Gather all the clothes to be labelled and set the iron to its highest setting. Remove the paper backing from the heat’n bond and iron each label in place. Give it a good 20 seconds and set aside to cool.


Note: My heat’n bond was thinner than my twill tape. In retrospect, I should have applied two strips to the long edges of the twill tape instead of down the middle. Live and learn.

Use a different color ink for each kid, or a different color twill tape for darker clothes. This idea would be great for young twins who might have many of the same items of clothing. And it would be fine for camp, too.

Would love to hear your results. Happy back to school!


I'm a Pittsburgh transplant in Tulsa, OK, where I live with my husband of 17 years and our 3 wild things. They are 14, 12 and 8. I keep my feet, fingers and head busy running, crafting and writing. My first book, "Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo," is available on amazon and b&n.

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