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Over 40 Women Splashing Hair with Hot Colors, and Other Tips for Awesome Hair at Our Age


What do you think about women over 40 with bold hair color?I’ve never been afraid to try new hairstyles. My hair grows really fast, so I know that if I hate something then it will be back to “normal” in just a few weeks. However, aside from going lighter or darker, I’ve never been creative with hair color. Apparently, I’m not “in the know” because the latest trend, especially for women over 40 is getting pops of color throughout their lovely locks.

According to the The Columbus Dispatch, Michael Van Clarke, a stylist in London, is seeing women all the way through their 60s rocking hair color in a rainbow of colors. And, it’s not just in London. We’re seeing the trends in the major U.S. fashion cities like New York and L.A., too.

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Women are spicing it up with different hues and chunks of color throughout the hair or around the edges of the hair.

Who Can Wear Bright Colors in Their Hair?

Van Clarke says not everyone can wear it.

“The style is best on well-dressed, well-groomed women, because only if the rest of the package is quite refined and confident does it work.”

More Hair Tips As We Get Older

Not brave enough to do the rainbow, but still want to color it up? Well, you should be aware that the shade you wore when you were younger isn’t going to work as you age.

More reports, “Extremely dark hair can look hard and fake next to mature skin. Downshifting from espresso brown to a softer shade, like maple or chestnut, can erase years.”

Confused? Use your make-up as an indicator to see if you have the right hair color.

“If you’ve gone too dark, you’ll be piling on concealer to erase shadows and circles exaggerated by that inky frame of hair,” says colorist Sharon Dorram-Krause of the John Frieda Salon, in New York City, told More.

Lastly, understand that straighter hair reflects more light and puts less emphasis on your wrinkles, so going sleek can work better against aging skin.


Image: DigitalArt

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