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Dad Style for Winter | Men Can Be Stylish and Comfortable in the Cold


Dad can style for winter!Many guys out there will admit that they want to look fashionable, but many are unwilling to sacrifice comfort for style. When the winter comes around, many guys will always wear their oversized jacket they would normally use for outdoor sports. When going to work or out on a date, wearing your skiing and snowboarding jacket doesn’t look stylish. Instead, wear a thinner jacket or fleece, but as one of many layers in your outfit. This will help you stay warm while remaining fashionable.

Not only can layering keep you warmer, but it’s much more convenient as well. Sometimes a building will be at a temperature where you are too warm with your jacket, but too cold without it. With layers, you have multiple items of clothing you can shed to be able to reach that ideal level of comfort. So far this winter, we’ve seen many people wearing either a leather jacket or a fleece with a long sleeve shirt or thermal shirt underneath.

While this will help keep your body nice and warm while trapping body heat, it’s important to not forget your winter accessories! Forgetting your gloves when you head out the door won’t hurt you if you do it once in a while. However, if you constantly forget to wear your gloves and expose your hands to the brutal winter conditions, your hands will become chapped and may even bleed. Unless you want to bathe your hands in lotion, remember your gloves. This season, texting gloves have become very popular. You no longer need to take off your gloves and expose your hands to the harsh elements when sending a message from your phone.

Just as important as it is to keep your fingers warm, you need to keep your toes warm too. Make sure to wear thick socks with your shoes, since they trap body heat much better than your shoes alone. You will regret the idea of skipping on socks the minute you step in your first puddle of melted snow and ice. That cold water always finds a way to get in your shoes.

Scarves are also very fashionable this season and are a must have accessory, even for men! Celebrities such as Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise have been seen sporting scarves to keep them warm. A scarf helps to keep your neck warm when cold air seeps under your hood and down the back of your jacket.

I hope these tips help you stay warm and fashionable this winter. Layering will help you stay warm and the accessories will make sure you stay nice and warm from head to toe.

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