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TV Recap | Return of American Horror Story Asylum


American Horror Story AsylumThe long-awaited premier of American Horror Story Asylum was last week. Fans were left with so many questions after last season. How would the second season be structured? Another haunted house story would have been too obvious, but what were the other options? Many of the actors were returning for season two, so would the season one characters move to the asylum? And how could the creators possibly move the show to an asylum and manage to keep the show as thrilling as the first season without repeating story lines?

In contrast to season one, we are presented with the background of many of the characters right away. If you are anything like me, you spent every episode of season one staring at the screen and asking “Wait. What? What just happened?” out loud like the TV might actually answer.

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There are still some major mysteries that I can’t wait to get to the bottom of. However, as a whole, things seem far less confusing. I’m not sure if this will make the season better or worse. Part of the draw of season one was that you hoped, in each episode, that they would finally explain to you what exactly was going on in the house. So I can only hope that the reason they want us to understand the back-story is because they have some major plotlines coming that they would rather have the viewer focus on.

I was excited to see the return of Evan Peters (who played Tate in season one) and Jessica Lang. In fact, many of the actors from season one returned for season two. But I was so impressed with Evan Peters last season, and this season he has grown and is proving to be a stronger actor than I think most people expected. The latest gossip is that Dylan McDermott will be returning soon. No details have been released as to what his role will be or how many episodes he will be in.

Here is what I do know: season one left me wanting more, and season two looks like it won’t let me down. But honestly if you have Adam Levine and Dylan McDermott, you have my attention.

What about you? Are you watching American Horror Story Asylum?

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