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Weekly Ass | Canadian Politician Says Give Tainted Meat to Poor


Prime Parents Club Weekly Ass AwardApparently, in Canada poor people have better digestive (?immune) systems. Well, at least according to Alberta’s Wildrose Opposition Leader Danielle Smith.

Canada is under the largest meat recall in Canadian history due to E.Coli contamination.

This past weekend, Smith answered a tweet that implied the E.Coli contaminated food could be cooked thoroughly to rid the meat of the contamination and then be fed to the poor instead of discarding it.

“Is there no way to cook it so it’s safe and feed the hungry?” someone on Twitter asked.

Smith then retweeted that and added, “I agree. We all know thorough cooking kills E. coli. What a waste.”

As you can imagine, Smith has been doing a lot of backtracking since then and now agrees that discarding it into the landfill (as was done) was the best thing for it.

So much for letting them eat cake, huh?

Congratulations Alberta’s Wildrose Opposition Leader Danielle Smith, you get my Weekly Ass Award for wanting to poison people in poverty. Way to go!


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  1. Christin

    October 25, 2012 at 10:05 am

    That is just horrible!

    If they are so worried about “wasting” it, perhaps they should offer it to those crazy people on TLC who claim to be the cheapest people ever and get their food out of dumpsters. Guess a little E.Coli cooked meat wouldn’t bother them. ;)

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