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Hollywood Update


Here’s your weekly recap of the recent Hollywood happenings:

Hollywood Connections and Splits

Britney's past surfaces ... again.

Britney Spears on X-Factor, June 2012

Tina Simpson has filed for divorce from Joe Simpson. Daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have each already endured very public divorces of their own, but it looks like this divorce might be the most scandalous of them all.

Bachelorette couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm were spotted together in Charlotte, N.C. This spotting combined with a vague tweet from Jef Holm while he was in N.C. has fans hoping for a reconciliation.

Week In Television

It seems like shows are being cut left and right lately. Animal Practice has been cancelled. Homeland announced on its Facebook page that the show was picked up for a third season. Vegas & Elementary have both been picked up for a full season.

Spoiler Alert!

Team Superfan (I call them Team Michigan) was eliminated from the Amazing Race this week. Luck seemed to be working against them this week and they just couldn’t seem to catch their stride. James & Abba came in first place, and who doesn’t want to root for a lawyer and a rock star who manage to work so well together?

Beauty queen Katie failed to step up her game in the competitions on Survivor this week and was sent home because of it. She tried playing the loyalty card, but it just wasn’t enough for the Kalabaw tribe. Sorry Katie, loyalty doesn’t win your team competitions.

Celebrity Tidbits & Ramblings

Sam Lutfi is suing the parents of Britney Spears for defamation and also for millions that he claims are owed to him for his service as Britney’s manager. What should be a boring defamation and breach of contract lawsuit is turning into an open forum for people to expose the many skeletons in Britney’s closet. Just when Britney was finally getting her life back on track and people were starting to move past what happened, all of her deepest, darkest secrets are being exposed for the world to see. My heart goes out to her.

Taylor Swift’s new album Red was released this week. According to reports, the album is predicted to sell one million copies in the first week. She also debuted a new video for her song Begin Again. It is hard to go anywhere or watch anything without hearing or seeing the name Taylor Swift this week. It is pretty clear that Taylor Swift has perfected the role of America’s Sweetheart.


Image: By rocor Uploaded by MyCanon (Britney Spears) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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