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Hollywood Update, November 2


Here’s your weekly recap of the recent Hollywood happenings:

YouTube Presents Taylor Swift in September 2011Hollywood Connections and Splits

Taylor Swift broke up with boyfriend Conor Kennedy. Sources say it was a “distance thing” that led Taylor to put an end to the relationship. See also: Being a young, pretty celebrity is, like, hard and stuff.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell tied the knot on Tuesday. It was a very small ceremony with close friends and family. They did an excellent job of keeping the wedding under wraps, so the media is just starting to learn the details and I’m sure more information will be released as the week goes on.

Week In Television

USA Network picked up Suits for a third season. In a statement to TV Guide, USA co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber said, “Quite simply, Suits is as good as it gets.” I have to say I completely agree and I’m thrilled that one of my favorite on-screen duos will be coming back.

Project Runway All Stars is back for a second season. The designers in this all-star season are not really on the level of All Stars season one’s Mondo or Austin Scarlet, but there are still some great fan favorites. Just like in the first season, I have no idea who to root for since I am a huge fan of almost half of the designers.

My favorite television moment this week was during The Mindy Project. If you are not already watching this show, you should give it a chance. Mindy Kaling is brilliant, relatable, awkward and absolutely hilarious. The scene with the cat in her living room made me laugh every time I thought about it for an entire day. (I won’t give away what made me laugh, you’ll have to watch for yourself.)

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Celebrity Tidbits & Ramblings

Ashlee Simpson released a teaser for her new song and music video (warning: explicit language). Both the song and video are edgy and cool. I am one of the rare Ashlee Simpson fans out there and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am ecstatic that she is planning a comeback.

Disney announced that it is purchasing Lucasfilm for $4 billion dollars. Disney has already confirmed that a new Star Wars movie is in the works and will be released in 2015. They plan to continue releasing new Star Wars films every couple of years. I already hear far too many heated debates about the original Star Wars movies versus the newer movies. Disney and George Lucas have just ensured that I will be hearing these debates for the rest of my life.

What was the most surprising, interesting, shocking or even boring Hollywood tidbit for you this week?

Image: Marcin Wichary from San Francisco, U.S.A.

Becki is relatively new to blogging. She is a self-proclaimed media/entertainment junkie. Becki volunteers with an animal rescue (Voiceless-MI) and is currently working on a project (Fido's Future) focused on bringing together the pet parenting community.


  1. Prime Parents Club

    November 2, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Thanks for the reminder! I need to check out The Mindy Project. I love her! /jackie

    • Becki

      November 2, 2012 at 10:01 am

      It is hard to know which new shows are worth watching. So many of them are getting cut after just a few episodes. Hopefully The Mindy Project sticks around because it is a great show!

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