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Nedra McDaniel | Fashion and Beauty Contributor


Nedra’s outlook on living to the fullest has a lot to do with losing two of her family members.

Nedra McDaniel, Beauty and Fashion Contributor

Her brother with cerebral palsy died when she was in middle school. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in ’98 and fought hard with a more rounds of new cancer until 2004. This has fueled a desire to not take physical health or longevity of life for granted. She loves trying adventures solo, with friends, family or on a date.

Her adventures have taken her all over the country and literally to hell…Michigan,that is…and back to tell about it.  On the flip side she has also taken a polar bear plunge, where they had to cut out the ice for the participants. She will try just about anything and is always adding items to her “adventure list.” If you tell her about a place or an activity she hasn’t tried, there is a good chance she is now going to add it to her list.

The quest for variety and an endless curiosity to try new things has been a fun journey. Nedra is a wife with two boys and she loves sharing adventures with them.

Nedra is up for just about anything and loves finding out people’s adventures and inviting them to live them out with her. She is a contributor for and also guest posts for various other websites. You can read more about her adventures at Adventure mom blog.

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.


  1. Wade

    November 5, 2012 at 6:29 am

    So glad you’re here, Nedra! Welcome!

  2. Becki

    November 4, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Welcome Nedra!

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