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Weekly Ass | Superstorm Sandy

Prime Parents Club Weekly Ass Award


This week’s Weekly Ass award goes to Superstorm Sandy because of the devastation it has caused. Check it out…

Sandy Facts and Stats

  • 88 U.S. deaths, 157 total including Canada and Carribean
  • Water surged as high as 14.38 feet in Kings Point, N.Y.
  • Some of the strongest wind gusts were measured as 90 mph in Islip, N.Y. and  Tompkinsville, N.J.
  • 7 subway tunnels were inundated with water
  • 8,000,000 people without power, from South Carolina to Maine
  • Massive amounts of snow for some states with the highest totals measuring 34.0 in (Gatlinburg, Tenn.), 33.0 in. (Clayton, W. Va.), 29.0 in. (Redhouse, Md.) and 24.0 in. (Norton, Va.)
Please consider making a donation to the Red Cross for their recovery efforts.

Congratulations Hurricane Sandy ! You won the Weekly Ass Award for causing such widespread devastation. Way to go!


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