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4 Pet Tips for Safe Holidays


From my pets to you and yours, holiday pet tips.

Keep your pets safe during the holidays!During the holidays, there are so many different things that can be dangerous to your faithful, insane, silly pet that you might feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of them. There are a lot of resources telling you what’s ok, what’s not ok for me to eat, how to keep me calm, blah blah blah.

There’s really a lot of stuff to wade through, so here are what my pets wanted to tell you:

4 Pet Holiday Safety Tips … Straight from My Pets

1. Crazy’s fav: If you don’t have this ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center list on the fridge or some other easy to find place, I’m not sure we should be friends anymore.  This handy-dandy list will tell you what to expect if I’ve eaten a whole list of things that aren’t good for me or help you figure out what I could’ve eaten if I get sick (although, seriously, if I’m sick, please take me to the vet).

While we’re at it, here are some numbers to keep with the above list:

  • ASPCA Ani-Med – 1.888.721.9100
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – 1.888.426.4435
  • National Animal Poison Control Center – 1.800.548.2423  –   If you need to speak to a veterinarian there, this service will be billed to a credit card. An alternate number is (900) 680-0000. A veterinarian’s services on this line will cost a flat fee for the first five minutes, and an additional fee per minute for each additional minute. These charges will be billed to your phone bill. (Call them for current pricing)
  • Pet Lover’s Helpline – 1.900.776.0007

2. Dyson’s fav: Holiday pet health tips covers all the other weird, random, crazy things ways that I will find to make myself sick or hurt myself, just because I can, because oh yes, I will.  Even better, for us both, this list has ways to minimize my risks. (I like that you think I care about your risks though.)

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3. Jazzi’s fav: You’re parents. Just like those annoying little people who you brought home from some where, I’m going to get into trouble, more trouble than you would even begin to believe possible.  Please remember, you are only human and I am phenomenally (and unexpectedly) smart.  Do the best you can to keep me safe, and by all that’s holy, don’t go crazy.  If you go crazy, I will go crazy.  Trust me, that’s not fun times for anyone.

4. Nyx didn’t have any favorites, she was busy hiding.  Yes, some pets will hide during family gatherings or just as an everyday kind of life style.  Just like all people are not extroverts, neither are all pets!

 Now that you’ve read Crazy, Dyson, Jazzi, and not Nyx have to tell you, what are your favorite pet holiday tips, reminders, or safety suggestions?


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