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Winter Fashion | Scarf and Boots Gives Any Outfit an Overhaul


As colder weather approaches, there is an easy way to make any outfit look polished–just throw on a scarf or wear cute boots. If you can combine both of them, even better!

I will start with an example of a basic black dress that I wore in Washington, DC … twice! I usually don’t like to repeat outfits on trips–I’m extremely vain that way–but I was able to give a plain dress two different looks.

Spruce up winter fashion with scarf and boots.

I used the same belt and boots but changed the scarf and cardigan. A scarf that ties in the colors of your basics can pull it all together.

On our way to DC, I took a last minute bunker tour. I needed to make a cute outfit fast because we were traveling in an RV and I needed to take pictures for an article I was writing about the tour.

I wore a black sweater with a purple tank top with jeans. What made the outfit stand out was the scarf and the boots. You can mix black and brown. Just make sure that the boots you wear are not suede and are preferably a carmel color.


A few days later, those same boots were used to complete an outfit with a simple detailed shirt and a colorful hat.

Boots, again!

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I prefer for my scarves to have multiple colors. That gives more options with different combinations that you can try by pulling out colors that make a plain shirt pop.

I have also used a gray and black scarf with bright colored shirts underneath.  You can try a shirt underneath that doesn’t have the colors in the scarf. Just try to make sure that the scarf and shirt underneath aren’t competing for your attention.

Don’t be afraid to try combinations. Use your scarf as a palette to make clothes that you already own more interesting.

Scarves and boots are the EASIEST way to take an average outfit up a notch and give mileage to your closet.

Nedra McDaniel is a blogger who loves encouraging and inspiring people to try something new. She enjoys living to the fullest. Traveling, meeting new people and trying new things make her feel more alive. Her adventures are of a wide variety and include friends and family whenever possible. (Underwater Hockey, luge, intro to curling, trapeze, fencing, riding in a pace name a few) Check out her site Adventure mom blog, facebook page Adventure mom and get the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new too.


  1. Crystal

    November 26, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    I just need you to come shopping with me, or possibly move into my house and dress me every day. You make it look so easy! Love all of these tips.

  2. Prime Parents Club

    November 26, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    You know what I love best about your tips? They are CHEAP and for EVERY DAY people–no matter body type. You don’t have to be some high-end fashionista to use your tips. THANK YOU for that. FINALLY someone writing this stuff for REAL people! /jackie

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