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5 Easy Holiday Gift Crafts From Pinterest


Oh, the blessed time suck that is Pinterest. We love it. We hate it. We want those lives!

Five Quick Crafts You Can Make and Give This Holiday Season

Check out Pinterest for great DIY Christmas gifts!At the end of each gift idea are some additional ideas for giving. You’re welcome.

1. Hair Accessories Organizer

I made this in five minutes, and you can, too. You already have everything you need in your house. And if you’re in a hurry, throw that oatmeal n a different container. Think of all the cute ways you could personalize this. Any baby, kid, tween, tween or sassy mama would love one of these. If you were feeling extra generous, you could even make (or buy, whatever) a few little hair googahs to throw in the bin, or to ring around the bucket.

2. A Hot Cuppa Personalized Fun

We showed how to make these cups on Prime Parents Club a while back and it’s a winner. Easy, available products, endless ideas. You’ll need to visit the craft store for some Vitrea, and please make sure you follow the directions. Know, too that there are many kinds of porcelain paint. Some is dimensional, while some is flat. Package up some homemade cocoa mix or an assortment of coffees, wrap in plastic and tie with a jaunty bow. Or, fill with candy, or make hot cocoa on a spoon, or fill with marshmallows or … anything. Even a set of coasters would be a nice extension.

3. Lazy Woman’s Hot Cuppa

Who doesn’t have a blank ceramic mug and a Sharpie lying around. Grab a marker, color your design, bake and give. Rather, give a set of mugs and a few markers with printed instructions for a mug marking party. Include stencils or a quote book and perhaps some homemade cookies.


4. OHHHHHH-klahoma! 

I love this idea. I plan to make a few as gifts this year. My parents retired recently, and I thought I’d made a three state montage of every state they have called home. I’ll use heart stickers to indicate where in each state they lived. Cute, right? There are a few state template places on the web. If you have a die cutting machine, you can use that. Alternatively, you maybe be able to find die cuts or stickers at your craft store. Oh, and I plan to use maps as the paper for the shapes. Love it.

5. Something for the Dudes

Reverse applique is a super cool technique that can be edgy or simple, and would make a great gift for a boy or a guy, or a man. Whatever you call your special menfolk. I’m thinking my favorite boy’s favorite things reverse stitched onto some of his favorite tees. Cool thing about this project is that you can upcycle shirts you already have. For my son who has grown, as children do, I can use one short-sleeved that doesn’t fit over a long sleeve he may not love. Very fun.


What’s the most creative gift you ever received? What’s the best one you’ve ever made from Pinterest?


[Image: Naito8]

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  1. Prime Parents Club

    November 28, 2012 at 11:16 am

    I love this post not only because there are some great ideas, but also because it celebrates other’s creativity. Kudos for this one! :) /jackie

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