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2013 Spring Fashion Trends for Real Women, Part 1


I used to be really into fashion and staying current on trends. However, as with many moms, kids take precedent and their needs get in the way of being on trend all the time. (And really? I’m just too totally exhausted to care most of the time.) So, when I see runway fashion or things that moms are “supposed” to wear based on how stars are toting around kids, I roll my eyes. I mean, seriously? Most of us aren’t teetering on 8-inch Louboutins to tote our kids to mommy and me. (I laugh whenever I see those paparazzi shots of Hollywood moms doing that, by the way. Sure, it’s easy when you have 14 nannys, a driver, a trainer and people to run and clean your house. But whatever. Digress.)

So, how about some trends for real moms? You know, something that is in style but that is actually functional? We’ll, we’ve taken the latest trends from 2013 and put them into mom mode, where you can look good, be on trend and still be functional. You’re welcome.

Functional Mom Trends for 2013

Functional Mom Trends Spring 2013


1. Spring Trend 2013: Sexy See-Throughs

Let’s face it, most of us moms are not going to get into the peekaboo cut-out pieces that you see on the runway. However, if you want a sexy on-trend date night piece, check out this eVogues Apparel Plus Size Sexy Lace Accented Black Tunic Top. (Yes ladies, you can still be sexy at a plus size.) It has sexy sheer sleeves and a nice see through collar in the back. Add a jacket and it can go from office during the day to (removing the jacket) hot date night after.

2. Spring Trend 2013: Bermuda Shorts

I, for one, am thrilled about this come-back trend. I’m not talking about those crazy Bermuda shorts that we wore in the ’80s. No, these are baggier long shorts that can be paired up with heels or flats for a casual or dressy look. (Buh-bye short-shorts. Whew!). I love these Royal Robbins Discovery Bermudas in Everglade green. I think they would even be cute with a short black jacket and some flats for lunch meetups.

3. Spring Trend 2013: Funky Sunglasses

It’s time to get funky in the sun again because big, bold, bright sunglasses are back. Don’t be afraid to go with big colors, funky shapes and bright embellishments. These Jessica Simpson Cat Eye Sunglasses in Chili Pepper Red are a super spicy addition to your Spring wardrobe.

4. Spring Trend 2013: Black and White

I wear a lot of black and white (black is my favorite “color” … really), so thank goodness it has cycled back around and I’m trendy again. This 2B Stripe Ponte Blazer by bebe hits a couple of trends: black and white and stripes! I love that it can go from office to a casual mommy play date. (As a mom, you must have dual purpose pieces!)

We’ve given you four key pieces for Spring 2013, but that’s not all! Check back when we post Part 2 and give you more mom trends for 2013!

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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