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#DoIn52 Week 5: Create Your Own Space


#DoIn52 Week 5: Create Your Own Space


This is the fifth week of Do In 52. How are you and your family doing so far?

This week’s prompt is actually from a recent post by our very own contributor Dr. G. She did a vlog about “creating your bedroom boundaries” that really hit home for me (and many others as we discussed it on different online forums).

As I sit on the bed writing this in the master bedroom, I look around: piles of laundry, a nightstand that I can’t see the top of because of water bottles and miscellaneous items not belonging to me, a corner full of outgrown little girl clothes to put on eBay and/or donate, stacks of stuff for the non-profit against one wall, a tower of DVDs on one dresser and piles of … crap on the other. The carpet is barely visible because so many of the kid’s (and new puppy’s!) toys are strewn across it. This isn’t a respite from the world. This is World War III. I get annoyed (and stressed!) when I come in this room–and that’s probably not how you should feel in your own bedroom, is it?

Clearly this is war.

#DoIn52 Week 5: Create a Space for “You”

Did any of the above ring a bell for you? (I’m betting it did.) So, this week, we want you to work on creating a space for “you.” We put quotes around “you” because it could be a little nook you create for yourself personally (like an office space or a hobby space), or it could be a respite for you and your spouse or significant other. Whatever it may be, tidy up an area and create boundaries so that kids can’t bring toys or other junk in that area for any reason. Period.

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It’s never too late to start! Each of our challenge prompts are made so that you can join at any time and start changing your family life for the better in 2013!

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Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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