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Hollywood Update, February 17


Here’s your weekly recap of the recent Hollywood happenings:

Hollywood Connections and Splits

Lady Gaga cancels tourEveryone probably already knows that Kelly Clarkson is engaged. Her fiancé’s name is Brandon Blackstock, which never meant much to me. I just discovered that Brandon’s step-mother is Reba McEntire! This may be old new to some of you, but I think it is absolutely adorable! What I wouldn’t give to go to those family holiday dinners.

Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill split from boyfriend Russ Irwin. The couple dated for two years. It is unclear when they actually called it quits, but Carole just made it public last week.

Hollywood Baby Watch

Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood was leaving her doctor’s appointment with an ultrasound picture in her hand when a paparazzo snapped a picture of the ultrasound picture. The ultrasound picture was later published on The Daily Mail website. Evan Rachel Wood was furious and took to Twitter to vent. She even threatened to leave L.A. because of the lack of privacy and boundaries between paparazzi and celebrities.

Steve Martin welcomed his first child into the world in December. Martin is 67 and his wife is 41. They have done such a great job keeping their personal life under wraps that the media just found out that they had a baby. Which I think is great and yet somewhat suspicious at the same time.

Adele still has not revealed the name of her baby boy. She was spotted out shopping with a necklace that said Angelo which sparked rumors that she must have named her son Angelo. Then she showed up at the Grammy’s with a new tattoo of the letter “A” behind her right ear. I wonder when she will decide it’s okay to tell us his name.

Week In Television

The new show Do No Harm has already been cancelled. The show was about a split personality doctor. The show aired only twice before it was pulled due to horrible ratings.

Christina Applegate announced that she will be leaving the show Up All Night. The show has started making some creative changes and Applegate decided that with all of the changes, it was time for her to move on.

Whitney Cummings’ late night talk show Love You, Mean It has had poor ratings since it first aired at the end of November. E! just announced that the show that aired on February 6th was the last. Six episodes were originally ordered and then an additional six were added. The show was pulled before the last episode (already recorded) aired.

Celebrity Tidbits & Ramblings

Lady Gaga was forced to cancel the rest of her Born This Way tour. She explained to her fans on her blog that she injured her hip at a show a while back but didn’t tell anyone. It continued to get worse and eventually it left her unable to walk. After some tests by the doctor, she found out she has a labral tear of the right hip that will require surgery, rest and a pretty long rehabilitation process.

What was the most surprising, interesting, shocking or even boring Hollywood tidbit for you this week?


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