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#DoIn52 Week 8: Share Your History


Do in 52 Week 8: Share Your HistoryOne of my favorite memories of childhood was visiting my grandparents in Southwestern Virginia. There weren’t enough beds for my brother and me, so we would sleep on the floor in the living room on a “feather tick” under heavy homemade quilts. I would drift off to sleep while I listened to stories from my grandmother, mother and aunts filling my dreams. I loved those times, but I wished I had realized the historical significance then of my relatives recounting stories of their own childhood and our ancestors.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize the importance of those stories handed down from generation to generation. I sometimes recount stories to our older girls and our five year old. Although they don’t have a full appreciation for them now, I’m sure they will in the future. Family history is so important in telling our story, don’t you think?

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#DoIn52 Week 8: Share Family History with Your Kids

For this week’s Do in 52 prompt, we want you to share some family history with your kids. Tell them a story about your childhood that they may not have heard before, or a story about your parents or grandparents. In fact, we want you to make it a regular occurrence to share family history with your kids. You might even want to start writing it down so that they have it somewhere some day. (You don’t have to be a writer or have great writing skills to document your family history!)

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