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#DoIn52 Week 9: Clean That Junk Drawer


#DoIn52 Week 9: Clean Junk DrawerI  know you all cringed when you read the title of this week’s Do in 52 prompt.

It doesn’t matter how organized or clean you are, we all have one of “those drawers.” For most of us, it’s in the kitchen and collects all of those odds and ends we don’t know where to put. For others, the junk drawer is in our home office, or our craft/sewing room. And, heck, let’s face it, sometimes it isn’t even a drawer. It’s a box that sits by the back door or a basket on the hallway table. It may even be the top of your desk. (Why are you staring at me?!)(WHAT?!)

Whatever it is, you have one. (Stop hiding, I see you.)

So, this week, I want you to carve out some time to tackle that junk drawer/box/area. And, I’m even going to tell you how.

How To Clean and Organize the Junk Area

1. Before you get started, see what you need. Do you need to buy one of those awesome drawer organizers ,or maybe some document trays for the top or your desk, or bins (if you’re focusing on bigger area)? Head out to the local store and pick up the items you need before getting started. If you don’t have the items you need to clean and organize, you will get frustrated and then use that as an excuse to stop organizing.

2. Gather some empty bags or boxes and label them with rooms or areas. Let’s face it, your junk area got this way mainly because things weren’t put away in their proper spot. So, use some brown lunch bags or boxes and label them with different rooms (where the items really go) as you find things. If you find 14 pens that go in your office, label the brown bag “office” and then throw the pens in there. You will also want to mark a bag “stay” because you will probably still have a junk drawer/area.

3. Clean and use organizers in your new area. Once everything is sorted, take the chance to clean/dust and use your organizers in the new area. Then, replace only the items that go back in that area. (If you don’t know why you have something or where it should go then throw it away.)

4. Take the bags/boxes and put away all the items that go in other rooms. Immediately. Don’t let them sit there for a few days. Once you have things organized by room in your bags/boxes, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the organizational process goes when dropping them off where they actually go.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 every month. Yes. I said EVERY MONTH. That way, your junk area won’t get out of control again.

After you’re done, come back and post how good you feel, or take a picture and post a link here in the comments.

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