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Hollywood Update, March 3


Here’s your weekly recap of the recent Hollywood happenings:

Hollywood Connections and Splits

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are getting divorced after 8 ½ years of marriage. Diane reportedly signed the divorce papers on Valentine’s Day.

Hollywood Baby Watch

LeAnn Rimes: pregnant?Perez Hilton welcomed a baby boy into the world this month. He waited until this week to make it public. He told a reporter a while back that he had been looking into the process of surrogacy, but there is no official word about whether it was surrogacy or adoption. For a gossip columnist, he is keeping quiet about the details for now. Either way it is fantastic news.

Rumors are swirling that LeAnn Rimes is pregnant. She is denying the news, but she was spotted leaving an OB-GYN office with Eddie Cibrian. It could be just gossip. Or she could be keeping things quiet until she gets to that first trimester mark. I guess only time will tell.

Week In Television

This week was the season finale of Vanderpump Rules. It was by far the most dramatic episode of the season (and that says a lot with this crew). {SPOILER ALERT} Jax finally admitted that he did cheat on Stassi in Vegas. Frank was right all along. Stassi gets to say “I told you so” to everyone who thought she was wrong, but she’s too much of a wreck to be mean to anyone. It was the first time that I think we really saw the vulnerable side to Stassi. It does exist. And when she cried, I wanted to cry right along with her.

Law & Order: SVU had a familiar plotline this week. The story was based on

Chris Brown and Rihanna. Within the first five minutes of the show, Fin jokes that the couple should double date with Chris and Rihanna. They even went as far as to have the “Chris” character get a tattoo of “Rihanna’s” bruised face. The character gets it tattooed on his hip and only flashes it for a second but it looked almost identical to the tattoo on Chris Brown’s neck. The “Chris” character laughs about it and calls it art. All of the details were pretty close to the real story up until the end. In the end the “Rihanna” character lies to a grand jury and leaves to go to Bermuda with the “Chris” character, where they end up fighting and he kills her. It gave me chills. When the fans on the show were mourning, I got teary-eyed. The writers of the show were obviously trying to make an impact and they succeeded. It was definitely powerful.

Celebrity Tidbits & Ramblings

There was a lot to talk about after the Oscars this year. Seth MacFarlane hosted and made several jokes that people found offensive (imagine that). Jennifer Lawrence fell walking onto the stage to receive her award. But the biggest controversy came from a tweet from The Onion during the show about 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis. The tweet insulted Quvenzhané as a joke (however low-brow and inappropriate), but no one thought it was funny. They were quickly barraged with tweets from outraged viewers. The tweet was deleted and the following day The Onion issued an apology. There is still an ongoing debate about the appropriateness of the tweet based not only on the offensive comment itself, but also on her young age and whether jokes about child celebrities should be deemed acceptable.

What was the most surprising, interesting, shocking or even boring Hollywood tidbit for you this week?


Image: PMyCanon (LeAnn Rimes) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Becki

    March 4, 2013 at 8:24 am

    I agree. The only thing I can think is if he had to finalize paperwork before he said anything about it. But it does seem sort of unfair.

  2. Prime Parents Club

    March 3, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    You know what I find annoying about the Perez Hilton thing? He makes a living off of gossiping about other people–exactly the kind of baby thing he’s been hiding–but wants to keep his life private and secret? I’m not sure you get to blast other people’s lives all over (even kids) and then keep your own kid secret.

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