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11 Great Hair Tips from a Stylist


I recently got to spend some time with Sam Hill, the owner of  High Five Hair Salon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has a cult-like following because he infuses the importance of making his clients feel good on the inside first and then transforms them on the outside .

Many of us can struggle with what to do with our hair and how to make the most out of what we have been given.

I joined my friend Cate as Sam transformed her hair and gave us tips. (Watch for Cate’s big reveal at the end!)

Learning to Love Your Hair No Matter Your Age: 11 Tips from a Stylist


Here are some tips from my Q & A session with stylist Sam.

What are some ways to get a new look for my hair? 

Consider trying straight bangs versus a side swoop for subtle change.

Straight Bangs










What are some of the current hair trends?

Ombre is still very popular and can be a subtle.

Ombre is a technique where the hair is darker at the roots, and lighter at the ends. A lot of the time this occurs naturally after someone has gone too long between touch-ups, but it also happens purposefully these days, since it became a fashion statement. Ombre is possible on any color of hair, and is very easy to do yourself on natural or color-treated


It’s a soft highlight and gives dimension to your hair.


  • Pixie cut that’s short and edgy.
  • Natural highlights.
  • Body and wave in your hair.
  • More natural tone that looks like the sun lightened it.
  • Hair painting.

What do you do about gray hair?


  • Permanent coverage for those who hate gray.
  • Demi-permanent fade makes your gray appear more like a highlight.
  • Highlighting or low lighting streaks of color to help blend what you have.

What are some quick tips for getting out the door?

1. Don’t over think it!

2. Use simple chunky braids, wear a pony tail, or try a side french braid.


Simple braids get you out the door!

3. Bobby pin bangs back or twist bangs to the side (Use two bobby pins crisscrossed to hold in place.)

Bobby pins are your friend!

4. Try a Ballerina bun if you want to feel more stylish.

Ballerina Bun

And, by the way, the higher you go with your hair, the more formal the look. However, loose and low creates an informal look.

How often should we shampoo our hair?

Twice a week, but you can still get it wet while showering. If your hair is oilier, you can wash more often.

For coarse hair, use shampoo amounts in the size of a quarter. Otherwise, use the size of a dime.

What are your tips for looking younger?

Let go of the stacked bob!

Cutting off long hair is case by case. Courtney Cox is an example of someone who is over 40 and still looks great with long hair.

Also, you want a softer hair coloring versus harsher, chunkier streaks, which are generally for the younger crowd. As we age, many cannot get away with the harsher chunky look.

How do you find the right stylist?

Talk to people whose hair you admire and ask where they go. Don’t be afraid to approach a stranger and ask. Recognize diverse styles that are done really well.

How can you help your stylist?

Bring a visual reference and over communicate what you want to annoyance!

What if you don’t like your new hair style?

Live with it for a day and then call back. Say something like, “I loved talking with you. My hair is not laying how I hoped. I would love to get it taken care of as soon as possible.”

How much should you tip?

The tipping standard is 20%, and an additional $1-2 for shampooers.

What are some essential products that we should be using on our hair?

  • Volume-Moose
  • Smooth and Straight-Oil or serum
  • Curls-Curling cream with touchable hold and a good touchable hairspray

Ready for the big reveal for my friend? 

Big reveal from High Five Salon
Nedra McDaniel is a blogger who loves encouraging and inspiring people to try something new. She enjoys living to the fullest. Traveling, meeting new people and trying new things make her feel more alive. Her adventures are of a wide variety and include friends and family whenever possible. (Underwater Hockey, luge, intro to curling, trapeze, fencing, riding in a pace name a few) Check out her site Adventure mom blog, facebook page Adventure mom and get the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new too.


  1. Becki

    March 4, 2013 at 8:30 am

    Do you think there is an age limit to the side braid? My hair is not quite long enough right now, but I’m close and I sort of want to try it. I am always afraid of trying things that are trendy though.

    Also, I’ve never understood how they say to only use about the size of a dime to a quarter of shampoo. I know I have thick hair, but I could never get away with that small amount of shampoo. I’ve tried.

    • Prime Parents Club

      March 13, 2013 at 9:38 am

      I don’t think there’s an age limit to the side braid. I actually see women my age (40s) rocking it when out with the little one and I also think it looks super cute!

      • Prime Parents Club

        March 13, 2013 at 9:39 am

        PS–TOTALLY with you on the shampoo size. I have super thick hair and feel like I use a quarter of the bottle each time LOL

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