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#DoIn52 Weeks 10, 11, 12: Create a Family Time Capsule


Do in 52: Make a Family Time CapsuleWe’ve talked a lot about the importance of spending time together (#DoIn52 Week 1: Technology-Free Evening) and also sharing your family history (#DoIn52 Week 8: Share Your History). One of the things that I think that’s lost in our over-exposed, over-scheduled and overly technical lives is that ability to connect on personal levels … especially with our families. Instead of sitting around the dinner table and talking, we sit around the table and each use our own phones or tablets. (That is if you can even get everyone to have dinner together.) I get it because we do it, too.

#DoIn52 Weeks 10, 11, 12: Create a Family Time Capsule

So, for Do In 52 weeks 10, 11 and 12, I want you to spend some time creating a family time capsule. A time capsule is something that captures a snapshot of your life for a certain period that you open in the future. You can buy a time capsule kit or create your own using a simple, cool photo storage box. The purpose of spending a few weeks doing this project is twofold: 1. It gives you a quality time with your family, and 2. It will allow you to share stories and take a “snapshot” of this moment in time with your family that you will cherish forever!

How to Create a Family Time Capsule

1. Plan your time capsule.

Have a meeting with the family and discuss what you think should be in included in the time capsule. Also, decide how long in the future before you will open it. Maybe it’s next year? Will it be five years, 10 years? You decide!

2. Pick your time capsule container.

Even though it’s not necessary today, if you’re going to bury your time capsule you will need to find a waterproof container.

3. Ask everyone to contribute something to the time capsule.

Ask everyone to pick some items to put in the time capsule. Aside from size (it needs to fit in the time capsule and don’t include edible or liquid items that might ruin the rest of the items), don’t put any restrictions on it. That’s the fun part and where everyone’s personality will come out! Ask the family to choose items that represent them. (Be sure to explain to little ones that they won’t see the items for a while, so don’t pick favorite toys or books!)

Time Capsule Ideas:

  • Photos: Include many photos from the current year (don’t forget the pets!)
  • Books or CDs
  • Toy or physical item that represents each person
  • Magazine or news articles of current events
  • List of each family members’ current likes and dislikes
  • Outlines of each family members’ hands
  • Pictures of your current house and bedrooms
  • Anything else you think would be fun!

4. Label your time capsule items.

Place each person’s items in sealable baggies. Include notes on who included it and why.

5. Write letters to yourselves.

Have each person write a letter to him- or herself. (Don’t share it!) Seal it away in an envelope and write the person’s name on the front. If you have little ones who can’t write, have them dictate a letter to you and/or draw pictures.

6. Seal and store your time capsule.

After you’ve placed all of your items in your time capsule, seal it up (use packing tape if you’re using a box) and write on top “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL: [your date].” Store the time capsule away (attic, back of the closet, etc.) and forget about it!

We would love to hear about what you put in your time capsule, so come back here and leave a comment. 

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