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#DoIn52 Week 13 : Clean Your Laundry Room or Closet | Spring Cleaning


Do in 52 Week 13: Start Spring Cleaning!It’s that time of the year, the time when you should start your spring cleaning and organizing. How many times has another spring gone by with you thinking, “I didn’t even clean and organize”?

Yeah. Me too.

Let’s face it, once summer hits you are not going to stay inside cleaning and organizing. So, the next few weeks we’re going to concentrate on spring cleaning prompts for Do In 52. That way we’ll get you all clean and organized before the summer hits this year.

Do in 52 Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Ok, let’s get started! For this week’s Do in 52 prompt, we want you to take and afternoon, evening or day and clean out your laundry or one of  your messiest closets. (If you get really motivated, do both if you have them!)

And, we’re not talking about just straightening things up. We want you to move things around, clean behind, vacuum under, wash down, straighten up and make everything in that space clean and organized.

Organizational Tools to Help with Spring Cleaning

These Chalkboard Stickers are functional and cute! (affiliate)

Here are some things that we loved for organizing. Check them out:

What are your favorite organizational tools?

Get In on #DoIn52

It’s never too late to start! Each of our challenge prompts are made so that you can join at any time and start changing your family 2013!

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