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6 Ways to Keep Your Spring Break Staycation Sanity


Don't be afraid to pull out the board games over Spring Break!So the family won’t be taking a spring break this year, huh? Maybe a vacation is not in the budget right now, or  you had some pesky scheduling conflicts with your job–it doesn’t matter,  the kids will still be home … and they will be bored. That means they have the potential to make your life hell for the entire week (especially if you have teens complaining about how all their friends are going to [insert spring break hotspot du jour]).

What do you do to keep them busy, happy and maintain your sanity? Check this out:

6 Stay-at-Home Spring Break Ideas

1. Swim at local hotels.

Did you know that some hotels with indoor pools will let you buy a one-day pass for swimming? Start calling around to see if any of the hotels in your area allow one-day passes, or opt for an overnight stay. (It’s still a lot cheaper than an entire vacation!)

2. Check out the zoo.

Yep, even in the cold weather. We recently went to our local zoo when it was snowing and it ranked right up there in the top three favorite visits! No, you aren’t going to see all the animals, but some of the animals that are always trying to hide and find a cool spot to sleep in the summer were really active. Not only that, most zoos have some indoor exhibits, so you can spend the majority of the time inside. Also, don’t forget it’s a way to get the kids out to burn off some of that energy, so don’t be afraid to bundle up and get out!

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3. Have a tech-free night.

This is actually one of the things that we suggest in our Do In 52 prompts. If you aren’t doing it yet, you should try it. All you have to do is have everyone turn off their phones, tablets, TVs, etc. for a predetermined amount of time while you enjoy a family dinner and then some time after. Sure you’ll hear some grumblings from the teens, but pull out some old-school board games and get everyone involved. And, remind them: it’s only for a couple of hours!

4. Go bowling.

Ok, I’m not going to lie: it pained me to type that because I hate bowling. However, it is one of those things that many kids today haven’t experienced, so it could be a fun family time. We took my four year old on a rainy day during our beach vacation last year and she loved it! Pair it with some pizza out and make an entire evening of it!

5. Bust out the vaca pictures.

Do you and the kids ever get the photo albums out and reminisce? No? That’s because no one does photo albums anymore! When I was a kid, I loved going to my grandparent’s house and looking through all the photo albums of my dad and my aunts and uncles. I did it every single time I was there! With electronic photos, many of us don’t even print our pictures anymore. So, load up a card with some past vacation photos and print them out at your local store. (It’s super cheap!) Pick up a couple of photo albums, scrapbooking supplies and set aside some time all week to make your past vacation photo albums. For Christmas one year we gave a box photos, a photo album and scrapbooking supplies to the two oldest daughters. They sat and created their photo albums the entire vacation and we still look at them!

6. Host a beach party.

More than likely, there are other kids that are home, too. Let them invite some friends, you invite some friends and host a beach party. Have everyone bring a dish they would bring to a summer cookout. Play beach music and include fun beach props like leis and grass hula skirts. You may not be on a beach in Mexico, but you can make the best of your Spring Break Staycation!


Are you staying home for spring break? What are your plans?

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