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5 Easter Things That Can Harm Your Pets (Even After Easter)


Easter may be over, but all those fun foods, candies and Easter basket goodies will linger on for a little while longer. Do you know that some of those Easter items can be extremely harmful for your pets?

Easter items can be harmful for your pets

5 Easter Items That Are Bad for Your Dogs and Cats

1. Easter Basket “Grass”

You know that fun colorful Easter grass that we all put in Easter baskets? Well, your dogs and cats think it’s fun, too. However, you should keep it away from them because it can cause digestion issues. And, if you see it sticking out of their bum (where they’ve tried to poop it out after eating it), do not try to pull it out. It could cause more harm than good.

2. Bones

You may be tempted to throw Fido that bone from your leftover Easter ham or chicken, but don’t. Bones can easily splinter and also get stuck in your dog’s throat, so don’t share them.

3. Chocolate

You’ve probably heard that chocolate can be harmful to your pets, but do you know why? The theobromine in chocolate can work to increase heart rate, affect nervous system and cause toxic results that may lead to seizures and death in your pets. Even as little as two ounces of chocolate can cause issues. Keep those chocolate bunnies out of sight!

4. Easter Lilies

Those beautiful flowers that people love to give and get for the Easter holiday are extremely dangerous for your dogs and cats. In fact, lilies may be one of the most toxic plants for your pets, especially for cats. If you have furry creatures, best to avoid these in your house.

5. Foil on Wrapped Candies

All of that candy that comes wrapped in colorful Easter foil is dangerous for your pet. Even a small amount that they eat off the floor can tear their esophagus or intestine.


Image: Carlos Porto

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