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6 Ways to Container Garden

It’s around this time each year that I start to get itchy for a garden. I long for those ripe red garden Tomatoes are great for container gardens!tomatoes, fresh lettuce and various other vegetables and herbs. I stare out onto my bleak winterized deck, imagining it filled with bright summer flowers.

It’s been years since I’ve had full garden, and I’ve never had one like we planted as a kid. However, each year I do some kind of container gardening–flowers and vegetables and herbs.

Container gardening, or using containers to grow things, serves several purposes. Maybe you’re new to gardening and want to start out small. Or, maybe you live in an apartment where your only outdoor space is a balcony. Also, you might not have time to take care of a full garden. (It’s a lot of work.) No matter your reason, container gardening is a great fit for newbie or experienced gardeners.

6 Great Containers for Gardening

1. Stackable Pots

Stacking Pots for Container Gardening (affiliate)

Stacking pots are great for small space container gardening because you can put a lot of different things in them without taking up a lot of space.

Try different herbs, flowers, or a mix in these pots to be decorative and functional. Group several of these with the same color flowers to give a corner of your balcony or porch a color explosion.

The possibilities with this type of container are endless

2. Rail Hanging Planters

Rail Hanging Planters (affiliate)These rail hanging pots will give your porch rail, deck rail or balcony rail a pop of color and provide a fun way to create container garden.

Alternate vining plants or vegetables and other plants for an interesting mix.

These are also fun if you’re getting the kids involved with gardening. Let them pick out what they want to plant and which color container they want for their plant.

3. Hanging Baskets

Hanging Planers (affiliate)Hanging basket planters are a fantastic way to container garden because you need no space–just a ceiling or a bracketon a wall and you have a garden! Hanging planters are especially beautiful with vining vegetables or flowers spilling over the edge.

The great thing about hanging planters is that you can plant things that are sensitive to cold weather. You can have a mini year-round garden–just move it indoors when it gets cold and back outside when it warms up.

Also, hanging planters today are beautiful, so it adds a piece of art all on its own to your deck, porch or balcony.

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4. Window Planters

Window Planters (affiliate)
I have an obsession with window planters. I think they are a cool addition to windows on a house or even your shed. If you live in an apartment, slip them over your window in the kitchen, on the inside, and plant some fresh herbs that will be handy when cooking.

Many also come with adjustable brackets, so they fit nicely over different size deck or balcony railings.


5. Dangling Pots

Dangling Plant Pots (affiliate)
This is a cute idea because it’s like stackable pots .. except in the air! Again, all you need is a ceiling or wall space and you’ve got a garden.

I think these would look great with succulents like a few different cactus plants. They would also be cool hanging your kitchen or on your back porch with different herbs.



6. Raised Bed Tables

Raised Gardening Beds for Decks, Balconies (affiliate)
If you’re going to be serious about container gardening each year, thing about investing in a raised bed table. You can always start with the smaller ones (like shown here) and then move up to the larger elevated beds the next year if you’re ready to expand.




Do you container garden? What is your one must-have item for your container garden?

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