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#DoIn52 Week 18: Complete a Family Project


10 Projects for Family TimeYou know how you’re always concerned and/or complaining that the family doesn’t spend enough time together? Have you ever noticed that once you start working on a project together as a family the conversation naturally flows?

Do in 52 Week 18: Work on a Family Project to Create More Time with Your Kids

One of the easiest ways to get your kids talking is to do something together that involves them using their hands. For this week’s Do in 52 prompt, I want you to create a project to do together as a family. And, PS? It doesn’t have to be fun (yes, it could be cleaning something together).

Stuck on what to do? Here are some ideas to get you started.

10 Projects for Family Time

1. Make homemade individual pizzas, where everyone gets to choose their own toppings.

2. Clean out the garage, basement or shed.

3. Work on a scrapbook photo album together. (Print those pictures and put them into a book! You’ll get to relive great memories while you do it!)

4. Start a garden behind the house or on the deck or balcony.

5. Make a fort or a treehouse (even convert that old shed that is used to store stuff you need to throw away anyway) … no matter how old your kids are.

6. Paint a room that’s needed a fresh look. (Bonus points if you make it the kids’ rooms so they’ll be more interested!)

7. Visit the local farmer’s market, then make homemade jam or jelly with fresh fruit you find there.

8. Make crafts and then take them to a local nursing home to give away.

9. Make a meal based on the culture of another country. Have everyone bring some piece of information or picture about the country to the meal and share about it.

10. Make a space and prep supplies for an emergency.



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