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5 Mother’s Day Gift Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

5 Bad Mother's Day GiftsMother’s Day is right around the corner, Gobs of Gifts to Make 6 Types of Moms Happy #MothersDay.

If you’re like many, you may be struggling with what to get those special women in your life. (One Mom’s Message to Family. Trust us.)

Let us give you a few tips of what not to get those moms. You’ll thank us later.

5 Presents Not to Get Mom for Mother’s Day (Or, Good Mother’s Day Gifts)

1. Fitness Equipment

Unless the mom in your life has specifically asked for a piece of fitness equipment for Mother’s Day, this is not a gift you want to give. There’s nothing that says, “I love you and thank you for being a great mother to our children, but you might want to work on your ass” like a treadmill, stationary bike or Wii Fit.

Try Instead: 

If she likes to work out, then how about a weekend trip away filled with a mix of hiking trips and down time? Better yet? Give her a cottage or spa weekend away with some of her fitness fun girlfriends where they can get exercise and have some girl time.

2. Appliances

No matter how much she wants that new refrigerator or washer, it’s really not a cool thing to get mom for a Mother’s Day present. We want those things, but not on “our day.” I mean, why do we have to share the day by getting something that everyone will use? No thanks. (Exception: Unless she’s lusting for a Dyson.)

Try Instead:

Most moms are into technology today, so try getting her something more personal like an iPad, a Kindle Fire or even a laptop like that Apple MacBook Air that she doesn’t have to share with anyone else in the family.

3. Flowers

Sorry, but flowers just seem like such a cop-out gift to me. They’re expensive, they require no thought and they die after a few days. What fun is that?

Try Instead:

If your lady loves gardening and landscaping and has been dying to do something different with the outdoors, try something unique like a an hour consultation with a landscape design expert.

4. Bath Products

Like flowers, bath products seem like such a go-to “I didn’t know what else to get” gift. Sure they have great sales for the gals during this time of year, but trust me when I say we really don’t need 10 of anything–especially if it’s 10 different kinds of body and bath products in the same scent. (PS: When is the last time you saw us take a relaxing bath? Exactly.)

Try Instead:

If she is the pampering type, try an elite spa day package for her and a girlfriend, complete with massages, facials and manicures and pedicures. The only way this will backfire is if she really doesn’t enjoy this kind of pampering (so be sure before you buy).

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5. Cooking Stuff

Cooking items can be a weird line for gifts, even if the mom in your life loves to cook. Having her unwrap a set of steak knives on Mother’s Day probably isn’t going to give her a lot of joy. Plus, giving her a frying pan can insult some women with the “women are made to stay in the kitchen” sentiment.

Try Instead:

If you’re going for cooking items for Mother’s Day, then you need to go big with something she’s coveted for a while. Try KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer (I actually squealed when I got one of these), or the Keurig coffee maker. Just be sure it’s something she wants and not you.

And, an extra tip? No matter how much your kid wants to give her a “#1 Mom” coffee mug or a “Top Mom” plastic trophy, please try to steer the kid away from it and to something we can use. We appreciate the sentiment, but we really don’t need more crap we have to dust around or pick up. Thanks.

What gifts have you given mom that totally bombed?


Image: John Kasawa

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  1. Anja

    May 6, 2013 at 6:01 am

    I’m getting the spa day. Together with my mom. So a mom – mom / mom – daughter day. Perfect!

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