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7 Awesome Centerpieces for Mother’s Day Tables


Make Mother's Day special with centerpieces.With the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, many of us will be hosting mom and others in our home for brunch, lunch or dinner. One great way to brighten up the mom’s day table is with a great centerpiece. Here are some ways you can add the pizazz without breaking the bank. And, for a bonus? You can give it to mom to take home as part of her gift once the party’s over.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas


1. Planted Pansies Centerpiece

2. Edible Crudite Centerpiece

3. Bundt Cake Bouquet Centerpiece

4. Upside Down Glass Centerpiece

5. Photo Centerpiece

6. Edible Flower Pot Cake Pops Centerpiece

7. Flower Cones Centerpiece

I can’t decide if I like the cone flowers or bundt cake centerpiece the best. Which is your favorite?

Feature Image: Rosen Georgiev

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  1. Anja

    May 8, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Great ideas! Thank you! I like the planted one the best.

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