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3 Unique Ways to Save on Summer Family Travel


Thanks to for allowing me to tell you summer travel savings!

Save in NYC with Vimbly

As the weather warms, you’re probably getting that internal question bouncing around in your head: “What am I going to do with the kids for the summer?” For many of us, budget is a big deal right now, so big bang vacations are probably a thing of the past for your family (yep, us too!). However, have you considered smaller, shorter–maybe drivable–vacations? If you plan right, you can hit a couple of different locations for the cost of one big vacation.

But how do you do this?

Well, you need to do some planning.

3 Ways to Have Mini Summer Vacations and Spend Less

1. Check out city-specific sites.

There are sites out there that are specific to their cities and will offer you huge savings on events. is a New York City-based site that lists events, times and costs all on one site, and you can book from there. The cool thing about Vimbly is that there is something for everyone–singles, families, kids, date night and more. It’s also a great way to get to do unique things that the typical travel guide might not list.

2. Look for social media savings.

Museums, zoos, restaurants, bars and more tweet coupons on Twitter and post savings on Facebook.  For example, here you can TWEET and get an additional $5 off of an event in the New York area. (Every bit helps, right?) So be sure to follow your sites of interest and events on social media.

3. Offer to exchange services for a site.

Are you a blogger? Maybe you do website design or marketing? Or, maybe you just have a huge following on your personal Facebook page? Don’t be afraid to contact a point of interest and ask if they are interested in an exchange. Maybe there is a bed and breakfast you’ve always wanted to try and the owners would be happy to have their site marketed to your network for a free night. Most companies have tight budgets right now, so they may be willing to do an exchange–free tickets or a night’s stay for marketing to your friends and family.

Sneaking away for a few days a couple of different times with the family  this summer is affordable … you just have to be willing to do the leg work before you go.

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