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5 Reasons to Garden With Your Children


5 Things Gardening Teaches Kids

Yesterday I took my toddler son with me to the supermarket.  When we were walking through the produce section, I pointed at various fruits and vegetables and asked “Jake, what is that?”  He would point and reply “apple, onion, carrot.”  I was surprised at how many items he could identify.  Later that day, we were walking near our backyard garden and I pointed at the winter onions and asparagus growing there and, once again, I asked “Jake, what is that?”  He pointed and said “grass.”  This immediately reinforced the notion that I need to spend more time with him in the garden, but it also got me to thinking about other reasons to garden with your kids.

5 Things You Can Teach Kids When Gardening

Gardening teaches kids about the circle of life.1. Gardening teaches your kids about the circle of life.

When you plant seeds, nurture them throughout the summer, harvest the fruits and replant the seeds from the fruit, it is a very concrete way to explain the concepts of renewal, rebirth, and sustainability.

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Wade is the father of a fifteen-year-old, a one-year-old and is expecting another baby very soon. He is the host of the "Fathers Over Forty" podcast. A former long-distance cyclist, weight loss guru and master gardener, Wade is sport-challenged, television-averse and constantly worried that his Man Cave pass might be revoked. When not at his full time job doing assistive technology for people with disabilities, he's reading, cooking, or spending time outdoors with his kids and his beautiful wife, Jenny. Connect with Wade at: or on Twitter at: @FOForty

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