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5 Ways for Summer Simplicity and a Good Family Life

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Don’t you love this time of year? It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and I find that I just have more energy in general, don’t you? You may have all this extra energy and want to tackle big projects, but I think summer is for doing the exact opposite. Life is stressful, it’s risky, and we go non-stop. Why not use this season to take it down a notch, worry less and just celebrate good life moments?

5 Ways to Celebrate Good Life Moments for a Simpler Summer

1. Turn Down Invitations

To enjoy a more simplistic summer life, just say no. Look, I know it seems counter to summer with everyone having outdoor cookouts and pool parties, but you can easily get overwhelmed with all the stuff going on. So, learn how to graciously turn down invitations and spend time in the backyard or park with the family instead.

2. Do Something Risky for the Rewards

Take a page from Allstate Good Life  and try some risky things without worries. Bad things happen in life, but don’t let that stop you from trying new things. This is the year for you to try water skiing or hiking that mountain! So, get out there and GO! And, let others worry about those risks!

3. Have a “Graze” Night

Pick at least one night a week where everyone is on their own for dinner. Think about it: in the big scheme of things, what is it really going to hurt if your four year old eats a mustard and jelly sandwich on an english muffin for one night? Exactly. (But at least you didn’t have to cook.)

4. Make Parties More Impromptu

If you’re having a cookout or party, attack them from an “impromptu” mentality. Don’t spend days planning and buying. You can provide the burgers and hotdogs and then ask everyone else to bring a side dish and their own drinks. Not only will it be easier on the wallet, but it will be a lot less stressful for you.

5. Dance in the Rain

Ok, it sounds cheesy, but when is the last time you enjoyed being out in a summer rainstorm? Think back to when you were a child: remember how you loved jumping in puddles, or catching fireflies or playing tag during summer evenings? What we’re getting at is to reclaim some of that childhood summer innocence and fun. You’ll be surprised how the little things this summer bring you joy.

Allstate Good LifeWhat are your ideas for celebrating simplicity and contentment this summer?

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