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TV: Summer Pilot Reviews


Are you watching these summer TV shows?

So while I was still hiding in a corner crying from the spring season finales, I somehow managed to miss the beginning of the summer pilots. Luckily we are living in the age of on-demand TV and Hulu, so I was able to go back and catch up on all the new shows. So what summer pilots were a hit and which ones were a miss?

Summer Television

The Goodwin Games

The Goodwin Games is a comedy that airs on Fox and stars Scott Foley, Becki Newton and TJ Miller. I only watched this one because of the stars. The show centers around three siblings who go home for their father’s funeral. After the funeral, they find out that their father created a game that the siblings must play before they can get their inheritance. I think the actors really make this show. It can get a little cheesy, but overall it is a cute show with a funny plot line.

Save Me

Save Me is a comedy that airs on ABC and stars Anne Heche and Michael Landes. I was curious about the plotline in this one. Anne Heche plays an alcoholic mother who chokes one night and dies. She comes back to life and thinks she is a prophet of God. The show is laugh out loud funny. The plot offers a fun twist compared to the standard comedies we’re used to that focus on quirky families or groups of friends living together. I love shows that make an effort to be “outside of the box” and Save Me delivers when it comes to originality.


Motive is a crime drama that airs on ABC and stars Kristin Lehman. There are so many crime dramas on TV that I felt that this show would have to do something very different or special to keep me interested in yet another crime drama. The pilot started with Joey McIntyre singing karaoke in a bar. Check and mate, Motive. The format of the show starts by showing the viewer who the victim is and who the killer is. The rest of the show follows the detectives as they try to find the killer. For the viewer the real mystery is the “why” and how the victim and killer knew each other. It is an interesting spin on a genre that has been a little over-played on TV these days.


Mistresses is a drama that airs on ABC and stars Alyssa Milano. I was skeptical of this series because it seemed a little “Lifetime Movie” to me. The show wastes no time showing the characters hooking up, which seemed like it was a little much right from the start. But as the pilot continued and the stories behind the characters and their affairs unfolded, the show became really interesting. The women and their circumstances are not necessarily what you would expect based on the show title and the commercials. I found myself connecting to the characters in a way that I didn’t think I would, which to me shows what great writers and actresses the show has.


Graceland is a crime drama that airs on USA and stars Daniel Sunjata along with a cast of stars that you’ve probably seen around and liked, but never really knew their names. The show is about a beach house in California where various undercover federal agents live together (FBI, DEA, and Customs) and hide in plain sight. The show is fast paced and witty, which is pretty typical of USA Network dramas. Just as you’re being introduced to the crew, the show dives head-first into high-intensity undercover drama. Right from the start you are on the edge of your seat and falling in love with the team and their dynamic all at the same time. I have high expectations when it comes to USA shows and this one did not disappoint.

What shows are you watching this summer?


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