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4 Smartphone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Four Smartphone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier


When I first got my smartphone, I knew that it was supposed to make my life easier – I just wasn’t sure how. I was overwhelmed by all of the things my phone could do, and especially thrown by the vast amount of apps I could download. There is truly an app for everything. Over time I’ve figured out which apps really do help simply my life. Here are four I can’t live without:

4 Smartphone Apps You Must Have

1. Any.Do (iPhone and Android)

 Any.Do is a virtual to-do list. Load in your tasks for the week, and Any.Do will give you regular reminders and allow you to check things off as you complete them. My favorite thing about Any.Do is that it has a Google Chrome browser extension that syncs with my phone. Whether I am sitting at my desk or on the go, I always have access to my list, and it’s always up-to-date.

2. Period Calendar/Tracker (Android) 

I’ll be honest – this app looks like it was designed by a nine-year-old girl. But it’s free, and it’s easy to use. It allows you to see patterns and variations in your cycles, and lets you know when to prep for Aunt Flo – and when to be concerned if she hasn’t arrived.

3. Dropbox (iPhone and Android) 

Dropbox is online file storage that makes your pictures and documents available anywhere. I have my Dropbox synced with my phone. Every time I take a picture, that picture is saved to my Dropbox. I can then open up my Dropbox folder on my laptop and share or edit the photo. I no longer have to email pictures to myself or connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable! You can also share Dropbox folders with friends or colleagues, so you don’t have to worry about losing files in a sea of emails.

4. Starbucks (iPhone and Android) 

Yes, I am totally addicted. If you frequent Starbucks so often that they know your name, you need this app. You can use the app to load funds onto your Starbucks account, and then use the app to pay for your coffee. Every purchase you make with the app earns you points towards rewards – like FREE COFFEE! Um, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What smartphone apps do you use daily? Which ones have simplified your life? Let us know in the comments.

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