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5 Looks for Maternity Fashion on a Budget


If you are expecting, you don’t have to spend a lot to look cute and be fashionable!

My friend Natalie recently had her fourth child. And, she is a perfect example of looking great at every stage. She has a great style and is creative with the budget by incorporating thrift store finds and department store deals.

Here are some of her tips for maximizing your wardrobe.

5 Ways To Look Cute While Pregnant Without Breaking the Bank

1. Rubber bands or belly bands can make non-maternity pants work. 

Get a belly band!

2. You can purchase normal shorts, just buy a size up and make sure they have a draw string .

She also likes wearing fitted shirts that hugged her belly.

Drawstring shorts, a size up!

3. Wear a non-maternity maxi dress with different cardigans for a slimmer profile.

Non-maternity maxi dresses are great!

4. Look for stretchy materials like this non-maternity pencil skirt

Stretchy non-maternity materials work wonders!

5. Hats, necklaces, and cute shoes can dress up a plain t-shirts and shorts.

Add a cute hat for maternity chic.


So be creative and look at some of your existing pieces in new ways. You will want to invest in a few basic maternity pieces, so check out dark denim jeans and leggings with long shirts or dresses to get a lot of mileage for different looks.

What are your favorite budget-friendly maternity secrets?

Nedra McDaniel is a blogger who loves encouraging and inspiring people to try something new. She enjoys living to the fullest. Traveling, meeting new people and trying new things make her feel more alive. Her adventures are of a wide variety and include friends and family whenever possible. (Underwater Hockey, luge, intro to curling, trapeze, fencing, riding in a pace name a few) Check out her site Adventure mom blog, facebook page Adventure mom and get the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new too.

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