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Dear Entitled People Without Kids: We Get it Already

We get it: our kids make you crazy.Last weekend I was out an outdoor farmers’ market that also has food and a band every Friday. It’s a yuppy-ish kind of thing, with an upscale restaurant on the property also. We took our five year old because, well, we take her everywhere. She danced around and enjoyed the musical duo while The Husband and I enjoyed an adult beverage, taking in the nice outdoor ambiance and end-of-summer evening.

There were a few kids there, so the musical duo decided to do a few kids’ song and even had the kids come up and sing. It was sweet … even if you didn’t have children.

At lease I thought so.

After about the third kids’ song, the couple next to me got up, annoyed, look at me and said (in a not nice way), “This is ridiculous. We’ve already been through this point in our lives.” I guess the look of shock on my face spoke volumes because the man said, “Sorry, but we’ve been through this stage.” I replied, “Me too. We have a 24-year-old, a 20-year-old and now a five year old.”

He was unimpressed.

You see, I get it. I would’ve loved to be out with my husband at this outdoor venue sipping wine and telling funny stories to each other without having to keep tabs on a kid, but babysitters these days cost as much as a car payment for one night. And, if we ever want to get out (which we rarely do) we have to take our kid.

I would love to be you sitting at the coffee shop alone reading quietly and sipping a latte without a kid pulling on my sleeve with an incessant, “MOM! MOM! MOMMY!” But I don’t even get to go to the bathroom by myself, let alone time out at a coffee shop.

When you’re at a nice restaurant at 8 p.m. on a Friday and we have our daughter there, we see your looks. We know you think a kid shouldn’t be at nice restaurants, let alone on a “date night.” However, our kid likes things like sushi and pork belly. And, The Husband and I sometimes like to go out on date night. So we have to combine it all together. Sorry if that ruins your night.

We understand that you have opinions on how we should (or shouldn’t) raise our kids and what they shouldn’t get away with. But, here’s the thing: before you saw us out in public we had just fought 3,722 battles that day and we didn’t have one ounce of energy left to fight another one unless you wanted to see us crumpled in the aisle and sobbing. That’s why our kid was eating a chocolate iced chocolate brownie with sprinkles for breakfast. Sue us.

We see the mortification on your face when you see our dirty kid covered in mud-splattered water out in public. But we thought that letting them stomp in a mud puddle was one piece of childhood innocence that they deserved to experience because it was hurting no one. We’re just sorry you’ve forgotten what that’s like.

We understand that sometimes our kid is a brat and is disrupting your trip to the grocery store, museum, library [insert your own venue]. We hate it , too. However, sometimes you exhibit brat-like behavior that annoys us, too … and you’re an adult. (Sorry.)

So, the next time you’re annoyed that we have our kids out ruining your non-child life, just know that we get it. But we want to leave the house sometimes, too. Cut us some slack, will you?


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Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.


  1. Jacqueline Wilson

    August 28, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Interesting conversation going on over on Facebook about this, too. Join us there:

  2. Carol

    August 28, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    I am a mom of four young children. I get how tired and frustrated you are and how you yearn for adult time. I get that sitters are expensive. I get that because my experiences and expenses are that times four. But I would never consider doing what you do. I do not take my kids to a decidedly adult dining facility or other venue. Why? Because other people deserve respect too and I respect their desire to go out and be with adults and only adults. They may have spent that small fortune on sitters (which I have done on occasion) only to have others like you spoil it with your desire to bring your children. It changes the whole dynamic of the night out. Most people feel it necessary to censure their talk, behavior, attitude when children are around because that is the respectful and adult thing to do. However, you show little or no respect for them by deciding that this is what you want to do and they must deal with it. Is that what you really want to teach your child? That they are the only one who matters and forget how their behavior impacts others? I hope you seriously look at the other side of this. You can trade babysitting services with other friends with kids so you can have that adult night out without breaking the bank or have that favorite aunt/uncle who doesn’t have kids take them for the night. I sure hope you reconsider taking your child out to those kinds of places.

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