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‘Dirty Sprite’ and 4 Other Dangerous Teen Trends

Now that school is back in, your kids are in organized groups and will probably be exposed to new, and possibly dangerous, things. It’s important to be aware of what is going on around your teen so that you can talk to him or her about it and also watch out for the signs of any of these teen trends.

5 Dangerous Teen Trends for 2013

Teen Trend #1: ‘Dirty Sprite’

Purple Drank is hitting teen parties.Drug prevention groups are seeing an increase in teens talking about “dirty Sprite,” a drink made with Sprite, Jolly Ranchers, codeine cough syrup and sometimes an anti-nausea medication. The drink is also referred to as “drank” or “purple” and is made even more popular by musicians mentioning it in songs and athletes drinking it.

The anti-nausea medication addition is particularly dangerous because it takes away the body’s ability to recognize alcohol poisoning, and kids really aren’t aware of the harm.

Teen Trend #2: Smoking Alcohol

Kids are pumping smoke into a bottle of alcohol and then inhaling the fumes so that it travels directly to the brain for an instant high. Unfortunately, there is no way for the brain to get rid of the alcohol so it could easily cause alcohol poisoning before the user even realizes it.

Teen Trend #3: Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Those little bottles of hand sanitizer that we all have lying around our houses seem innocent enough, right? Well, not when some kids are using salt to separate the alcohol from the cleaner and creating a 120-proof shot. Keep an eye on the garbage for empty hand sanitizer bottles! Or, opt for the foam versions that can’t be made into shots.

Teen Trend #4: Getting High on Flowers

Some kids are eating Jimson Weed, also called Angel’s Flower, a widely grown and available flower all over the United States to get high. However, even in very small amounts it may be toxic and can even cause death.

Teen Trend #5: Vampire Biting

Hickeys are so your generation. The latest teen trend to replace hickeys is vampire love bites … and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Teens are biting each other’s neck in order to draw blood and “feel closer” to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t even get us started on the dangers of drinking another person’s blood.

Bottom line? Be involved in your kid’s life. If you notice anything unusual, follow your gut and ask your kid!

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