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College Students Earn Extra Cash with Skyo Aviator’s Program


You recently shipped your kid off to college and you’re getting used to a different dynamic in your house. Just when you think your kid is growing up, BAM!  you get that phone call (text, email, whatever) asking for some extra cash. Again.

Well, here’s a great way your little collegiate kid can earn some extra cash. Check this out:

Skyo Aviators Program for College Kids

Skyo, the online textbook store, is looking for “Aviators,” or student ambassadors, to spread the word on their campus about Skyo. They’re looking for involved students who are active in on-campus events and activities to promote brand awareness and encourage new customer purchases.

What Makes a Good Skyo Aviator?

This is a position that takes energy, enthusiasm, commitment and passion. They are looking for leaders, the  people who know how to make things happen and who know their campus like the back of their hand. (We know it’s your kid!)

They are also looking for students who know how to have a good time and want to gain some marketing experience. (BONUS!)

How to Become a Skyo Aviator Student Ambassador

It’s SUPER EASY. Just have your college student complete a simple application of very basic information, as well as involvement in any student or university related activities. Once the application is submitted, your kiddo will be notified within 7 days if you have been approved to join our ranks. (Seriously? They can stop asking you for extra cash SOON!)

What’s In It for the Skyo Aviator?

There is a Rewards Program that allows the Skyo Student Aviator to earn points for their hard work and dedication to Skyo. The more friends referred, the more points earned! (Yep, that’s it!) And, get this: Once your kid earns enough points, he or she can trade them for cash.

It kind of makes you all teary, doesn’t it?

Send your kid a link to this post and get started TODAY!


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