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Pumpkin Carving Patterns for College Teams


There’s something about Fall that just says football, don’t you think? Walking around the neighborhood or even a campus in the cool weather, the games, the tailgating, the pumpkins carved with your favorite team’s logo.

Wait, what?!

Hey, if you love your team that much then why not show it with a carved Halloween pumpkin this year? Check out these ways to get pumpkin carving patterns for your college (and other) sports teams.

3 Ways to Get Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Sports Teams

3 Ways to Get Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Sports Teams

1. Make your own pumpkin carving pattern.

That’s right, you heard me. You can free hand a logo (if you’re good at that kind of thing) on a sheet of paper, tape the logo to the pumpkin and cut around it. If you’re not into the whole drawing thing (I get it), just search for your team’s logo online, print it out and complete the steps mentioned earlier. Or, if you do a lot of DIY projects, pick up a Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine with the Pumpkin Carving Cartridge and get to work creating your own!

2. Get your sport team’s logo pumpkin pattern on Spookmaster. has a ton of different team logos. You can view the photos to see if they have what you need and then subscribe to the site to access the pattern. (If you don’t want to subscribe, it’s still a great place to get ideas for your team pumpkin.)

3. Search for team pumpkins on Pinterest.

Pinterest has some really great sport team logo pumpkins to give you some ideas for your pumpkin pattern. Check them out and some of the links even show you how to carve or print out a pattern.


What are you waiting for? Get to carving! (Go Team!)

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