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Men Over 40 Fashion | 5 Easy Must-Have Fall Looks for Guys Over 40

Yep, it’s another season. I know what most of you guys are thinking about fashion: nothing. Most men don’t even realize that fashion changes with seasons and instead you wear the same things over and over again every season, just layering long sleeves, coats and hats as needed.

Or, you may be aware of fashion, but you’re not really sure how to dress now that you’re a man over 40. You don’t want to go with the exact trends that you see the younger guys wearing, but you don’t want to be out of style either.

So what do you do?

Here are five super easy fall trends that men your age can add today.

5 Style Looks for Over 40 Men


Men Over 40: Fall Style

1a. Plaid is Back

For some of you who’ve been rocking the grunge look for a while now we have good news: plaid is back! So rock it. (You’re welcome.)

1b. Burgundy is the New Black

Burgundy is really hot right now, so wear it in your shirt (like we’ve shown here), or even sport a fantastic new dress coat or shoes in burgundy.

2. Statement Scarves are Hot

Men’s scarves don’t have to be small and mellow any longer. Big, chunky “statement scarves” are in. And bonus? They keep you warm, too!

3. Black Leather is Back, Too

Black leather is still in, so grab a black jacket to go with your casual look and you’ll be completely on-trend.

4. Backpacks are (Finally) Cool

Backpacks are super cool right now. However, you are in your prime so leave the cheesy ones to the kids. Instead, grab a leather one to throw your stuff in and you’ll be OK.

5. Camouflage Is Popular

Camouflage is really popular right now, but you don’t want to look like you’re enlisted, or that you’re going rogue apocalypse prepper. So, take care of how you add camo to your wardrobe this fall. We recommend a simple accessory like this camo statement scarf with a military style jacket.



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