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DIY | Non-toxic Ant Killing Puffs Are Natural Pest Control


There are few things I hate more than insects. I don’t so much mind them so much when they’re outdoors, but when I find them in my home, all bets are off. I used to find the strongest chemical pesticide that I could legally purchase and spray the life out of any offending insects, but since having kids, I’ve wanted to take a more natural approach. Natural remedies save money, and they’re better for the environment and my family.

Ant Killing Puffs

When I found ants in my kitchen over the summer, I did what any intelligent, professional woman would do – I called my mom. She gave me her recipe for ant killing puffs; three simple ingredients that would make my kitchen bug free in a day. I was skeptical, considering I had poor results with traps and sprays, but my mom is a wise woman so I decided to give her method a try.

The result? A whole lot of dead ants. They haven’t reappeared, but if they do, I will have this easy recipe ready to go.

DIY Ant Killing Puffs


¼ cup granulated white sugar

½ cup hot water

2 tablespoons Borax powder

10 cotton balls


Combine ingredients in a small bowl and mix until sugar and Borax are dissolved.

Allow cotton balls to absorb this mixture until they are full saturated.

Place cotton balls near ant trails. The sugar will attract the ants, and the Borax will kill them.


It’s that simple!


What are your favorite natural pest remedies?

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