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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Vision Over 40


I remember when I was young and I would run up to show my dad something I drew or wrote. I would thrust it in his face and he would push the paper back, making it an arms-length away before he could read or see it.

And I would laugh.

I thought that was so funny. I mean, he even wore glasses! Why can’t he see?

Well, now I totally get it. Once I hit 40 and for the past couple of years, my nearsightedness has gotten worse … and even worse. (And why, OH WHY, didn’t I listen when people warned me?!)

Vision Over 40: What up, yo?

5 Ways Your Over 40 Eyes Will Mock You

1. Directions on drug bottles will be impossible to read.

Remember when reading dosages was easy? Yeah, let that go. Be sure to get good directions for your prescription meds because  reading those directions will be next to impossible.

2. Your kids will be annoyed because you can’t read the directions on their toys.

If you thought your kids were impatient before, wait until you can’t read the directions on how to put some of their toys together. (I mean, have you seen how small the print is on those directions?)

3. Romantic restaurants are out.

Remember those romantic meals where you leaned close to each other in a dimly lit restaurant? Yeah, those days are over. Another joyful thing that happens with your over-40 vision is that you need more and more light to be able to see things … especially to read that fine print on menus.

4. You will increase the font on your computer screen.

I used to laugh at people when I saw them click to increase the font size on websites and online documents. Now, as a writer, I can’t write without my document increased to at least 150%. Nice, huh?

5. You will buy reading glasses.

You’re probably laughing right now. That’s okay, I did too. But, if you ever want to read a newspaper, see medication labels, play a board game where you have to read questions or [insert anything else], you will buy reading glasses … and then you’ll remember that time that you said, “I will never wear reading glasses!”

It’s okay, we won’t laugh.

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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