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3 Free Family Apps You May Not Have, But Should Get

 Free Parenting Apps

If you’re like me, you (or your kids) have downloaded a million apps onto your phone, tablet and devices. So, I’m kind of to that point that I don’t want to add another app unless it’s really, really good. As a parent and homeschooler, I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and more fun. If I can do that through an app, then all the better! That’s why I was excited to hear about these three apps and, even better, they’re FREE!

3 Free Apps for Kids and Parents That Are

Fun and Functional

 1. Allidays App

Allidays App

Who doesn’t love a good funky holiday? (I’m lookin’ at you Bubble Bath Day!) Well, now you can keep track of fun unusual holidays with the new Allidays app. The app states, “Turn a boring day into a celebration with a holiday for all your days. Allidays features fun and quirky holidays every day of the year, with options to share your favorites with friends or add an event to your personal calendar.”

The part that is genius about this is that the developers have incorporated the ability to add the holiday to your calendar and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also constantly updating and adding new holidays.

At first, the app just seems like a fun addition. However, I find it very functional. We do a lot of holiday based crafts and cooking for both homeschool and for a kids’ craft class we volunteer for every week. This app gives us reasons to create funky crafts and recipes with my daughter and also with the craft night kids based on kooky holidays.

2.  Goodie Goodie App

Goodie Goodie AppGoodie Goodie is a fun new way to spice up your boring chore chart. This is a cool and hip chore, goal and reward app. You can create and assign chores or goals–for yourself or anyone in the family–and then even sync them with the kids’ phones!

From the Goodie, Goodie website:
“Sometimes good behavior takes you by surprise!  By using the ‘Give Points’ section, you can reward your kids instantly for helping their brother or sister, showing kindness to a stranger, not having a meltdown after you say ‘no’ to that school night sleepover, or just being quiet in the car.”

“Goodie points” are tracked by filling up a goodie bag from virtual candy picked out by the kids at the virtual candy store. When the bag is full, the goodie points can be redeemed for eGift cards to your favorite brands stored in the G Wallet, or custom-rewards created by the parent.

And, here’s a little secret, it was developed by the fabulous Shayna Rose (the “old” Marina from Fresh Beat Band) and her husband.

3. MamaBear App

MamaBear AppOk, this app may be a little too “big brother” for some, but I personally don’t think in this age of cyberbullying you can be too involved in your kid’s online life. The MamaBear app allows you to track your child’s location, as well as see when and where they have checked in to locations. It even tells you when your kid has been mentioned on social media and tagged in photos.

From the MamaBear website:

“Our mission is to provide parents a peace of mind while giving children needed freedom. Our core values are to protect our children, honor our families, encourage trust and respect privacy.”

It works by having the parents set up the app on their phone and then kids install and log in to MamaBear. There’s no secret or sneakiness. They are fully aware that you tracking them. Kids can Check In with emoticons, send a Come Get Me or Emergency alert and customize the color of the app background.

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