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Cat Memes and Causes | Because Cute Kitties Are More Important Than Feeding People

Cat Memes or Causes: Which will help you when you need it?

Do me a favor? Take a quick moment and scroll through your Facebook page. What do you see on there? News? Funny cat memes? Yummy food photos? Cute kid videos? People bitching about something? Vague passive-aggressive posts that make the person posting look worse than the person it’s directed to?

Yeah, I have all those things, too.

If you looked at my personal Facebook page you would see me sharing a lot of different causes. One of the things that I post about regularly is Monkey Do Project, a non-profit that feeds and helps U.S. Appalachian people in need. Actually, I post about this organization quite often. (Disclosure: I’m the Executive Director.)

When I post about this cause on my personal Facebook page, I’m helping educate people on hunger and poverty right here in the United States. I’m using my page to do good, not just as a space filler.

However, some people get annoyed by this. Inevitably, I get people who unfollow me or make comments like, “You should just save that for the business page.”

Wait, what?

Let me get this straight: You’re pissed because I’m helping others and I want you to know about it? Or, are you unhappy because I’m taking up space on your timeline asking for help (for others, not for myself) instead of talking about people and posting horrible pictures of people shopping at a certain store so you can make fun of them?

We live in a world where we’ve become so jaded that we get annoyed when people post about doing good and helping others. People get offended when others post “too much” about a charity or cause. (I mean, how dare I ask for $20 to feed a kid? UNFOLLOW! UNFOLLOW!)

Here’s something you should know: Many of us who post religiously about the causes we support live, breathe, eat and even dream them. We give until our bank accounts have nothing else to give before we even consider asking you for help on our Facebook pages.

And, in case you’re wondering, we hate asking you for help, too. We wish that we were independently wealthy and had an endless funnel of cash for our cause. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic … and that means we need your help.

Today, I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted by people choosing hatred over helping. I’m tired of people being tired of others sharing good. When did it come to the point of being annoyed by someone asking for help?

The next time you get annoyed when someone posts about a cause or asks for help, before you hide the post, or click away or unfollow the person, consider this: everyone needs help. Some day it might even be you. I just hope that people don’t just click away when you need it.

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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