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Unique Holiday Traditions

Just like most people, we have holiday traditions in this house. However, our Thanksgiving traditions tend to be a little more unique than other homes. Here are some traditions that you might want to add to your Thanksgiving or holidays.

Traditions for Holidays

4 Fun Holiday Traditions


Years ago (I can’t even remember how long now), we were discussing how difficult it was to make time to see friends around the holidays. Between shopping and family gatherings and school and church obligations, it seems the time between Thanksgiving and after the New Year flies by. So, we came up with a unique solution: each year we host “friendgiving” and spend our Thanksgiving with a group of friends and family. Some years, we have many friends, and some years just a few close friends and family members make it. For 15 years, it has spread from one day of Thanksgiving into an entire week of festivities. It’s one of the things that all of us look forward to each year.

Thanksgiving Book

Each year at “friendgiving,” we have humorous inside jokes. The following year, we try to remember what the jokes were all about and we can never remember. (We are getting old, you know.)

Enter the Thanksgiving Book.

I bought a huge (I mean a few hundred page) 8×10-sized blank journal. Each year now, we write a synopsis of funny or interesting things that happened. We have even started adding recipes that we liked so we know where to find them the following year. Each year, we sit around the table and read through the book, laughing as if we’ve never heard the stories before. You can easily add this for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other regular family or friend celebration that you have each year.

Christmas Tree

This is a new tradition that we just started a couple of years ago, but it was so much fun that we’ve continued it. A day or two after Thanksgiving, all of us pile into one or two cars and drive to cut our Christmas trees. We go to a great family owned farm where you pick and cut your tree. They also have a cabin where you go inside to warm up with hot chocolate by the fireplace. The kids even get to visit with Santa while we’re there! After we get the trees tied atop the cars, we head out for a family style dinner at a restaurant of choice and to get warmed up!

Game Marathons

It wouldn’t be a gathering if we didn’t bust out the games at our house. We’ve always been a “game” family for as long as I can remember. When the older daughters were young, they would sit around the table and try to play the games the adults were playing. As they got older, we incorporated kids games into game time and then busted out the more adult games after they went to bed. Now, it’s just a known fact that if you come to our house for the holidays, there will be games involved. It’s tradition, after all.

If the little ones aren’t into the games, set them up with some kids’ crafts while the adults gather around games!

Do you have unique Thanksgiving or holiday traditions that you’ve created, or even traditions passed down through the generations? Leave them in the comments below. Who knows? We just might adopt them ourselves.


Cards Against Humanity (ADULT ONLY GAME) (AFFILIATE) Sequence (Great for all ages that can count) (AFFILIATE) Hedbanz (Great for ALL ages) (AFFILIATE) Pictureka (Fun for all ages) (AFFILIATE)




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  1. Liz @ Yes/No Films

    November 7, 2014 at 11:39 am

    I like that Thanksgiving book idea!
    My friends and I used to do a “Friendsgiving” too, we would all be home from UM so we’d meet up at someone’s house and do a 2nd Thanksgiving :).

  2. Jacqueline W.

    November 9, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Seriously. Do the Thanksgiving book (or make it any kind of holiday or gathering book). It’s HYSTERICAL the following year when you read all the things that would’ve been lost in the never, never land of forgetfulness.

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