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4 Reasons to Mind Your Own Business and Let People Shop on Thanksgiving

Asking people if they’re going to shop on Thanksgiving Day is like asking them if they have a foot fetish. They’ll never admit to it, and you don’t want to know anyway.

-Amiyrah, 4HatsAndFrugal

Black Friday Shopping Deals

Lean in a little closer because I have something important to tell you: I don’t care if you go shopping on Black Friday.

I don’t care if you don’t go shopping on Black Friday.

I don’t care if Black Friday really starts on Thursday at some stores.

I don’t care that some stores have decided to close this year on Thanksgiving.

I just don’t care.

I think it’s weird that something as minor as shopping on a holiday has become so polarizing. Honestly, I don’t really do the whole Black Friday thing (but mainly because I don’t like people). However, I have gone Black Shopping in the past and I think people should be able to shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday if they want.

The Real Black Friday Deal | 4 Reasons to Let People Shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

So, what’s the deal with Black Friday and why should you mark off Black Friday shopping as something to worry about?

1. Black Friday is a Family (or Friend) Tradition For Some

I know several families or friends who look forward to this as fun together time every year. Thanksgiving night and Black Friday shopping has become a tradition for them. Why would you take that away? (Or care?)

2. Black Friday is a Respite for Some Workers

When I used to Black Friday shop, I always felt bad for the people working. So, I found myself not only being extra nice, but also saying things like, “Ah! I’m sorry that you have to work today! I’m sure it’s hard to be away from your family.” And, almost every single time the retail employee had a response that shocked me. Most of them said things like, “Oh! It’s OK! It’s a nice break from the family.” Or, “We have Thanksgiving on Wednesdays in our family.” (Or many other comments.) So, some of the retail employees aren’t bitter about being at work on Thanksgiving evening or Black Friday. Just ask them.

3. Local Businesses Rely on Black Friday

As a former brick-and-mortar retail business owner, I can tell you from experience that holidays can make or break small businesses who run on very lean profits. If opening Thanksgiving evening or on Black Friday gives a local business a boost, then I’m all for it.

4. Everything Doesn’t Need to Be a Cause

I’m all for standing up for what you believe on important topics (see: racism, hunger, poverty, religion, etc.). However, everything in our overly-dramatic lives does not need to be taken up as a cause. And, Thanksgiving shopping and Black Friday are topics that don’t need to be elevated to cause status. Do what you want, let others do what they want and shut up about the rest of it.

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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