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All I Want for Christmas Is…

I sat down today to create a new gift guide: Top Gifts for the Homeschool Mom--full of cool products and affiliate links. But then I realized, the things I want for Christmas can’t be found on Amazon.

All I want for Christmas is…

(A Homeschooling Mom’s Holiday Wish List)

1. A Babysitter.

I love my children. I love teaching them and devoting my days to their learning and happiness. We have many grand adventures and learn many fascinating things. But what I want for Christmas more than anything else is for someone to take them far, far away from me for a couple of days. Maybe a week. Long enough for me to have a day to relax and do nothing AND clean my house from top to bottom AND get some writing done.

2. A Professional Organizer.

I want to hand my life to someone and have them fix it. I want to see the floor in my office, or any room of my house, without having to push a stack of books out of the way first. Bonus points if this person has some serious psychiatric training and can organize my brain while they’re at it.

3. A Maid.

Because honestly? The books aren’t the only problem. Piles of laundry, papers, toys, and whatever surprises Mr. Rabbit has left that I haven’t discovered yet.

4. A Haircut.

I’m pretty sure I’m going on about a year since my last haircut. This goes along with the babysitter thing, when do I have time?? If I get an hour of time away from my kids, I want to spend it sitting in Starbucks at my computer, answering emails from two months ago that I probably missed because I was being told about Minecraft at the time.

5. A Candybar I Don’t Have to Share.

I want to go to the store and buy whatever sweet treat I want and not have to worry about how my children feel about it, or who will eat it before I have the chance (i’m looking at you, Husband).

6. A Date.

I want to feel pretty, have fun, and be able to buy a cocktail without worrying about how overpriced it is and how many groceries I could buy with that money.

7. Time.

I want 36 hour days. Not to do more work, because working is lame. But it would be nice to get everything done that needs to be done in a day and still have time to have fun, sleep, maybe even take a bubble bath.


My life is pretty freaking good. I am able to live the life I chose, able to spend my days with my children while my husband brings home the bacon. This is what I wanted for my life, what I still want, and I am not taking for granted what I have. But there are days when being a homeschooling mom, or any mom, or any person, is exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just take a break and enjoy a vacation this holiday season instead of getting a new mixer or pair of earrings? So, when looking for the perfect gift for the homeschool mom on your list, step away from the laminators. Save yourself a few bucks and offer to entertain the kids for the day instead. I guarantee in the longrun this will be far, far more appreciated.

Stephanie is a homeschool writer, speaker, and consultant in Central Indiana. When not writing, speaking, consulting, and homeschooling, she enjoys reading, baking, hiking, and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.