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9 Volt Catching Fire? Info That Can Save Your Life

Stop for a one second and think about something: where are the batteries in your house? And, what do you do with them when they’re dead or you change them out of something?

Did you know that if two 9-volt batteries come into contact, or metal objects touch a 9-volt battery’s contacts, it could spark a fire?

Crazy, right? But it’s not a myth! What you do with your batteries, especially 9-volt batteries, can actually keep your family safe.

9-Volt Battery Fire Safety Tips


fire safety week 9 volt

3 Battery Fire Safety Tips for Kids and Family

When talking to your kids about fire safety each year and give fire safety tips, don’t forget to add the information about 9-volt batteries. Here are three big tips that can help keep your family safe.

1. Don’t keep 9-volt batteries loose in a drawer or bag.

Any metal touching both contacts on a 9-volt battery can potentially make the battery spark. Something as simple as opening the junk drawer and moving two batteries into place where the contacts touch can spark a fire.

2. Cover the contacts on loose 9-volt batteries.

Put tape across the contacts of 9-volt batteries or look for multipacks of batteries that come with cap covers. Keep the cap covers on the batteries that aren’t in use.

3. Don’t keep batteries in your pocket or purse.

Anywhere you put keys, like in coat or jean pockets or purse, are also bad places to keep 9-volt batteries. Keys or even a metal paperclip can make 9-volt batteries spark, too!



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